Due to the passing of our dear friend and fellow artist Robert W Richards on July 11, 2019, purchases of artwork on this website have temporarily been halted.

Mr. Macho (original artwork)

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Graphite, Prismacolor on Bristol paper (original drawing by Robert W Richards) 17" H x 14" W (43x35.5cm)

Mr. Macho 

"He’s proud of his hairy body, facial stubble, his “vital” (especially one) statistics and anything else about him that testifies to his masculinity. As dating material, he’s rough and ready. He’ll probably take you bowling or to a “game.” Nothing fancy but most likely “hot.” He’ll wear a well-worn tee-shirt and a gang of chains from his vast collection. Don’t expect anything soft or romance-y from this guy." -Robert W Richards

#RWR17031 Mr. Macho