Due to the passing of our dear friend and fellow artist Robert W Richards on July 11, 2019, purchases of artwork on this website have temporarily been halted.

Inked (original artwork)

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Graphite on vellum (original drawing by Robert W Richards) 17" H x 14" W (43x35.5cm)

Inked, 2001

"When the tattoo trend began to take hold, he was indifferent. Why would I want ANY image etched permanently into my skin? Is there anything in the world I care about that much? He processed the idea for along time, but on a boozy weekend with the “boys,” he gave in and had a skull and crossbones drawn onto the back of his lower neck. That opened the floodgate and now he can’t stop. How many more to come? Lots, we predict." -Robert W Richards

RWR17037 Inked